Achieving a goal against all odds.

As I grow older in the years I look back and measure my progress, yes I am an accomplished guitarist and can play almost every song on the radio instantly. But have I done anything productive since 2007? The answer is no! I have found alot of talent, but never have I found all the talent in one place ready to pursue a career as a musician. Most of the time the so called wanna be band members have other agendas like chasing women, or drugs, or working to provide for a family. Just once I would like to find a group of characters who are all on the same page, and who live the same kind of rock n roll lifestyles. The problem can also be when the members all wanna play different styles of music, then there’s often a power struggle over whos gonna play leads. Why cant the guitarist both share in the limelight? And often you find those who are there in heart, but just cant play at the level of myself. Its tough to never give up on your dream, especially when you have children and family who expect you to live by their standards! But even at my age I could still accomplish my dream I’m not dead yet .