Spreading the wealth

The old saying it takes money to make money is accurate. Very much like the saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Greasing the wheels is litdrally realizing that everybody is in business to make money. In other words, It is wise to go ahead and pay for that autoresponder , the traffic generator the web hosting and list building all work together to make your marketing campaign run like a finely tuned machine. Setting aside funds for each separate part   is a process that should have your marketing campaigns running like a fine tuned machine.You are also boosting the economy by  spreading the wealth to several other marketers. Sometimes referred to passing on the torch using services to help other services and other services eventually everybody gets a piece of the pie. For example  spending money on web hosting, traffic generators  autoresponders. What if the larger companies would allow money to circulate through a cycle of affiliates who pass the money downstream to the next component of the marketing whole, would it be possible to funnel a portion of the funds, much like living off the yearly interest of a large bank account. Keeping the greater portion of  the money flowing through each component allowing many people to have a residual income rather than just one. The money  would transfer through the hands of each affiliate in the cycle just long enough to gain interest as the pass it down the line to the next affiliate each one funnels money only off of the interest from the bank. Each affilliate holds part of the money as it circulates through the affilliates hands it goes back to the super-rich and re-circulates through the whole. The super rich would be helping others to live better life without depleting their reserves. Im not an expert on economics, but I see how this could improve many lives, I have spent countless hours trying to market as an affilliate. Unfortunately I have not made a dime online, I am a newbie and I am trying to figure out the whole system. Please feel free to add comments and suggestions to this blog.