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Here’s a referral code to get a $20 credit when you join Google Fi! Redeem it at

Hats off to you, the Greatest Artist of all, the one who paints in the heavens, and created such a beautiful planet.

Can you believe in the unseen if the unseen paints scenes like this?  Who stretches the protractor across our skys? Surely not the same as dropping Chem-trails to hide activity from the neighbors who share our space time continuum. The Truth You Scream, the answer lies inside you or beside you. Look around the evidence is everywhere or is it just illusion.? Jesus Christ you call, and Christ dont hear you because thats not even his real name. The one I call Heb, lol short for he-brew, El Jeebus is actually not a bad nickname for the savior Emanual.  So where is this Man God who died and came back ? And where did he go for all these years? Is he really coming back or did he ever leave? I wonder if they served bread and fish where he went?   If you see him or  know where he is right now please tell him I need to speak to him, I got a couple requests. First off I want to request a spot of his time or better yet the keys to time so I can move about freely maybe shake off those who force me to jump through their hoops whose job is to force me to pee in a cup twice a month and attend classes I dont like or need. I am one of the suckers who got tricked into being supervised by an over-funded agency that has made a business out of bullying American citizens who have been stripped of their freedom and forced to live in a cage because of a mistake or two. The other day I went to stand in line at R-moms and first alliance waiting to do a piss test and was amazed at how many people they have control over. They are the ones  who have cornered the market by forcing people to submit to drug tests. This r-moms place is the only agency approved to handle all court ordered drug testing all those on probation and parole and those who posted a bond an are awaiting trial, with the ever Unconstitutional supervision by  pre trial services another of our justice departments watch dogs, aka fundraisers. This is what I saw, two men and one lady whos job is to make restroom trips with the states cattle drive. Each test cost about $25.00 and they run about 3 every few minutes. Thats 60 tests per hour and this goes on everyday all day long. I wish I had a company that made a thousand dollars an hour every hour of the business day, these people job is to  print out the lables for the urine cup and to watch each donor. This R- moms is in charge of the people on probation, those on parole, and even those who have been convicted of drunk driving and are required to have an expensive breathelyzer machine installed in their cars.  Im not happy about serving my entire two year sentence in the state penitentuary for vehicular eluding, and being threatened with another two years if I happen to miss a call to the ua line or miss a class. Yes I would think that two years in the joint would be enough to satisfy my debt to society for breaking the law and getting caught, but no this state has to make my life miserable by forcing me to make calls everyday and random piss tests to monitor my intake of substances that they have outlawed but placed on every street corner , and to invade every aspect of my personal life and to capitolize on my natural bodily function. This country has really gone to shit. There people in control have taken the best country on the planet, flipped it upside down and inside out, creating an enemy out of its own people, sure seems  alot  like  a communistic regulated people of China or Russia during the years of the cold war. that we Americans used to boast about being proud to be an American where at least Im free to do what I want.  Not any more not since Reagan and Bush with the Patriot Act. So I call out to you God, asking you for my freedom back, and I could use a large spending account, plane tickets, a cheesyburger with fries and  a supermodel to  keep me company at the beach. I dont ask for much do I ? God  hello do you hear me?  Knock Knock Knock im a knocking .           //

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Another day after stuffing my face with thanksgiving dinner.

The holidays are a great time to eat good foods, visit with family and to realize that your too fat, under-paid, unhappy with your relationship and desperate to improve your situation.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are your bills overwhelming and seem to increase day after day? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and realized you have grown in belly size, your cheeks are puffy and you got a double chin? The time to do something about it is now, I bet you think I’m going to sell you a diet pill or exercise program. Nope not this time, this time I am going to share with you some advice. First off quit eating everything you see!  Just kidding the holidays are great for eating, no today I am going to talk tom you about something that is super important and can be very helpful or destructive to your life.

Today we are going to talk about Focus. that’s right focus. Where do you focus your thoughts? Our minds are constantly analyzing our lives, the people around us, current events situations you name it. Our minds are always thinking and making judgments, it takes in all that we see and hear and has to filter it down to make sense of it.

Where I’m going with this is we often allow our minds to focus and dwell on the negative aspects of our lives, our financial situations our love lives, our children, our families and friends. And when we allow our minds to focus on these things it makes us feel unhappy. So my advice is to stop focusing on the negative aspects of your life. You see our minds are constantly questioning things, we come up with the what ifs and the crazy thing about the human mind is it will find the answer to the questions you ask. Like a super computer our minds will search the databases to find an answer and if you are focusing your thoughts and questions on negative things guess what its gonna find.

So I am giving you some advice and myself the same advice. Lets for the next 30 days every morning when we wake up lets ask ourselves 5 to 6 positive questions like, What can I do right now to make myself happy? Or what can I do right now to accomplish that goal I want? Or even ask yourself, What can I do right now to find the inner peace and happiness? Maybe you just need a quiet place to chill out for a while? You might even decide to go for a walk and decide not to eat that whole bag of chocolate chip  cookies and that box of Ice cream. You might find a way to gain income to fix your financial situation.  The bottom line is try to avoid asking yourself questions like. Why does it always happen to me ?  Or When will my luck change? Instead focus on the good things in life that you do have, and watch how your life will change for the better.  So for the next 30 days I will be practicing this method and I hope you do too, and we can meet again in 30 days and see if our lives have improved.  Just remember that happiness is the main goal so Focus on the good things you have in life, and do something to find happiness .