Spreading the wealth

The old saying it takes money to make money is accurate. Very much like the saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Greasing the wheels is litdrally realizing that everybody is in business to make money. In other words, It is wise to go ahead and pay for that autoresponder , the traffic generator the web hosting and list building all work together to make your marketing campaign run like a finely tuned machine. Setting aside funds for each separate part   is a process that should have your marketing campaigns running like a fine tuned machine.You are also boosting the economy by  spreading the wealth to several other marketers. Sometimes referred to passing on the torch using services to help other services and other services eventually everybody gets a piece of the pie. For example  spending money on web hosting, traffic generators  autoresponders. What if the larger companies would allow money to circulate through a cycle of affiliates who pass the money downstream to the next component of the marketing whole, would it be possible to funnel a portion of the funds, much like living off the yearly interest of a large bank account. Keeping the greater portion of  the money flowing through each component allowing many people to have a residual income rather than just one. The money  would transfer through the hands of each affiliate in the cycle just long enough to gain interest as the pass it down the line to the next affiliate each one funnels money only off of the interest from the bank. Each affilliate holds part of the money as it circulates through the affilliates hands it goes back to the super-rich and re-circulates through the whole. The super rich would be helping others to live better life without depleting their reserves. Im not an expert on economics, but I see how this could improve many lives, I have spent countless hours trying to market as an affilliate. Unfortunately I have not made a dime online, I am a newbie and I am trying to figure out the whole system. Please feel free to add comments and suggestions to this blog.


Sex is still popular.

Well first I must tell you about the worlds shortest speech on Sex.”Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me great pleasure, thank you very much “

Strange circumstances

   I recently had to serve a jail sentence for misdemeanor, but was allowed to participate in a work release program. Jail sentence was for 6 months during which time a good friend of mine moved in with my girlfriend. I was upset with the situation but I dealt with it best I could, as i had no place to go, and it was wintertime and cold. when I got out of jail I moved back in with my girlfriend only to find out that she was no longer my girlfriend and the two of them were intimate with each other. This made me very uncomfortable as I felt he was in my place with my girl! I had no place to go so I reluctantly elected to stay on the couch which ended up to be ok, but at first it was very very uncomfortable needless to say my friend and I got into a fight but we settled our differences. Its been three months and the three of us have been co existing well, but recently the girl has decided that she no longer wants to be in a relationship with my friend. So now he has to sleep on the couch. I am welcome to share her bed
But I am concerned about how my friend feels, as I know exactly how it feels. So I have not shared her bed yet. I am about to, go to the bedroom now as I am writing this. My friend is passed out on the kitchen floor, he was trying to drink his sorrows away.  I listened to him whine about his life and recent misfortunes.
I feel I am wise to not go in there, I know it will just cause alot of drama, and I know I wont stay with this girl because I dont feel the same about her after being replaced so quickly. Funny thing is, I plan to move out next week and  neither one of them know that I found a new home. I care about  my friend and the girl a great deal as they are both my good friends, the fact  they didnt turn me away when I had no place to go holds a great deal of value. Tonight I spoke with my friend in great detail as he downed a bottle of whisky, I listened as he poored his heart out about how it made him feel to be replaced by me, and I could relate to his feelings, so now I must decide what to do, I think I will go have sex with her for the next week then move out, and hopefully they will get back together, but should I really care, probably not, and should I share her bed again, probably not, but it sure feels good to give my friend a taste of his own medicine, and the girl will get her surprise next week when im gone, he who laughs last truly does laugh the hardest.

Go Down the Rabbit Hole: A Writer’s Manifesto

This is a great post and I found it very helpful thanks for the great advice, now I must find a way to generate income because I need money.

Writing for Digital Media

1. You are the work. The work is you: both an articulation of the self and a possibility for self-reflection. Be honest in creation: allow yourself to bleed into the work, but also allow it to work on you. Your work can show you things: illuminate and clarify your own thoughts, motivations, actions. If you do it right, you will find the work changing you, too.

2. Thinking is process. Laying on the floor. Sitting on park benches. Getting lost on purpose. These are all working. Learn the difference between mindless distraction and mindful wandering.

3. Go down the rabbit hole. Sometimes the work isn’t about what you think it is. Allow yourself to get lost down alleyways, to follow a train of thought around a corner. Don’t feel you need to reign yourself in. Too much focus squeezes all the possibility for revelation out of the work.

4. Fear…

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Achieving a goal against all odds.

As I grow older in the years I look back and measure my progress, yes I am an accomplished guitarist and can play almost every song on the radio instantly. But have I done anything productive since 2007? The answer is no! I have found alot of talent, but never have I found all the talent in one place ready to pursue a career as a musician. Most of the time the so called wanna be band members have other agendas like chasing women, or drugs, or working to provide for a family. Just once I would like to find a group of characters who are all on the same page, and who live the same kind of rock n roll lifestyles. The problem can also be when the members all wanna play different styles of music, then there’s often a power struggle over whos gonna play leads. Why cant the guitarist both share in the limelight? And often you find those who are there in heart, but just cant play at the level of myself. Its tough to never give up on your dream, especially when you have children and family who expect you to live by their standards! But even at my age I could still accomplish my dream I’m not dead yet .

It’s not about you…

I love my children very much, but I feel ad though I am a failure as a father, I have not been real successful in my career choices, and have not been real stable. I did time in prison the first time was for a crime I did not commit, the second time was for violating my parole the third time I was with some friends who were taking scrap wire from a yard that belonged to an energy company, I was wrong and served a year in prison. I jave been arrested several times and served many short stints in the county jail, most of which were for missing court dates for driving without a license, anyhow I have not been a steady figure in my sons lives, now they are all grown up, and they treat me as though I am a piece of shit, as they have stated several times. If i was to pass away today i would feel as tho i am a complete failure, because i really want to become financially stable so that they can be proud of me, and so that I can make up for all the times i mist their birthdays and christmas. I also want to be able to buy them a car and to take them on very special vacations. I have been playing the guitar since I was twelve years old and have always wanted to be a performer, And i refuse to be like everyone else, stuck in a career that I hate, so i will continue to pursue my dreams and in the meantime I hope and pray that I get discovered or this internet marketing pays off. I am a great guitarist and can play almost every song on the radio. So hopefully I will meet the right people .

Because I'm Fabulous

I remember being pregnant with my children, feeling as their gentle flutters progressed into full belly flops on my bladder and painful karate kicks against the backs of my ribs. Back then I had no clue what my children would be like; they were more like ideas than real people. I’d sit in my rocking chair with my hands clasped gently over my stomach and wonder who they’d be. Dreaming of children who loved singing as much as me; envisioning singing rounds, our voices weaving together in harmony.

Then they were born. Short, chubby, bald people who looked a lot more like Winston Churchill than either their Dad or myself. People that screamed randomly, pooped on themselves, and considered “gah” to be an entire conversation. I still had no idea what they were like except loud, messy, and highly uncoordinated. They slowly evolved into their own people. Emma was colicky and had a desperate need to be…

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